The London Wing Chun AcademyThe first martial arts training form of Wing Chun is called "Sui Nim Tao" (in Cantonese) which literally translates as "Little Idea". The concept behind this form is to keep your training simple! Conceptually the form teaches the Wing Chun practitioner not only the basic tools, structures, and shapes of this martial art, but also the correct energy and focus of these shapes. Indeed, the lack of movement allows the practitioner the ability to focus on control of the Centre Line, the strength in structure, and subtle energy of Wing Chun.

This form could be thought of as the physical enhancement or development for the practitioner's shapes and application of these ideas. These can be broken down into three distinct sections:

The first section referred to as "Gung Lik" develops strength in structure in the basic Wing Chun shapes, e.g. integrity of the Jum Sau shape. It also introduces the concept of 'Lat Sao', to move forward within certain boundies. The Second section develops "Fa Gueng (or Jing)", forward energy, in simple terms the Wing Chun practitioner is practicing the ability to energise the Wing Chun shapes with a forward intention. The third section is the application of the combined concepts of the first two sections.

Overall, the perfection of the first form in Wing Chun is key to the development of a practitioner's ability to apply Wing Chun as a martial art and a fighting system. This is by far the hardest form to perfect, since there is a great demand and attention to detail of the basic shapes, but with that there will be long term benefits to a Wing Chun practitioner which is important to note.



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