Street Fight vs Self Defence Training: Do you Train for the Right Kind of Fight?

Street Fight vs Self Defence Training, do you Train for the Right Kind of Fight?

Most People train the wrong way for the wrong fight. Fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail.

You may learn how to fight or even how to defend yourself against someone bigger or stronger than you, but is that realistic? In fact, what type of fight do you think you are prepared for? Here’s the thing: what one person thinks of as a fight is different to another person.

In fact, there are 3 types of fights and all require that you train specifically for them in order for you to be fully prepared to defend yourself.  


The 3 Types of Fights


Type 1: The Confrontation

Often highly emotional and characterised by rage, this situation starts off as an argument or confrontation. As a result, it will happen within conversational distance and with the person in your face, getting progressively worked up until finally attacking.

This type of fight has a high survivability as you have a chance to read the situation and to choose how to react.


Type 2: The Surprise Attack

This attack comes without warning. You may be going about your business, walking down the street or shopping when a person runs up behind you and sucker punches you to the side of the head. The victim of this type of attack lacks control of the situation.

There is a low survivability in this type of “fight” as you don’t have a chance to react to it. This is very different to Type 1, the confrontation, where you have someone in your face, goading you for a fight.

Maintaining situational awareness is your best chance of minimising your likelihood of being caught in this type of attack.


Type 3: The Fight Face-Off

This type of fight is entered willingly by both parties. There are mutually agreed rules, starting distance between fighters, and so on. Both fighters are able to choose how they are going to fight in this situation.


Training for the Right Kind of Fight

When training to defend yourself, HOW and WHAT are you training?

The usefulness of any training is dependent upon the situation you’re facing. In the real world, you don’t get to choose your fight. If someone attacks you, they get to choose. Furthermore, someone will always exploit your weaknesses in a fight. For example, if you can’t stand-up fight, you are likely to get knocked out and if you can’t ground-fight, you’re likely to get taken down and choked out on the floor. Each type of fight determines how you should prepare.

Our advice is to always TRAIN YOUR WEAKNESSES; whether it’s your wrestling, stand-up or even just your fitness. You don’t get to choose your fight but you can prepare for it.



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