San Shou: The Art of Free Fighting.

San Shou or San Da Kickboxing is the art of free fighting.

San Shou translates as "unbound hand", which refers to a form of free fighting where the rules are designed to accurately simulate actual combat. What makes San Shou matches so exciting is that they are typically fought on a raised platform called the "Lei Tai". Historically, the Lei Tai dates back centuries in China where challenge matches were fought either bare hand or with weapons and no rules. This often resulted in death or serious injury. Of course, in today's world this competition format does not exist. Modern training in San Shou is safe and sterile in comparison to its historical roots.

Along with Wu Shu, the Chinese Government encouraged the development of modern San Shou during the 1960's as a format in which the many different styles of Kung Fu could compete or test their martial  arts skills against each other. Hence, the significant heritage of the many great Chinese martial arts systems was organised in to a standard kung fu fighting style. Co-operation between the many great Kung Fu masters from all over China has allowed a system of rules in which different styles could compete against each other. Protective equipment was also added to further reduce the risk of serious injury.

The rules of San Shou kickboxing allow for a wide array of full contact punching, kicking, takedowns and throws derived from the traditional application of the many Chinese Martial Arts. The submission techniques typical of modern Mixed Martial Arts are excluded from the official San Shou Boxing rules. i.e. Chokes, Arm or Leg locks etc are not permitted. The exclusion of submission techniques allows for a fast pace combative display of skills.

Although, our Chinese Kick boxing class is geared towards the competitive art of San Shou (also referred to as San Da), this martial arts class offers something for everyone. Whether you simply wish to tone up, relive stress or compete on a highly exhilarating format of combat San Da boxing can be for you. Read why you should try our San Da class..

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Our San Shou (San Da) Kickboxing class meets every Wednesday at 8.45pm, Friday at 8pm, and Sunday 2.30pm.

Chinese Kickboxing is a conventional system of fighting that includes boxing, kicking, throws, and takedowns. However, elbow, and knee attacks are also taught here at our gym. This class is perfect for men and women seeking something more competitive and fitness driven. Our Martial Arts training includes focus pad, kick shield and heavy bag work.

San Shou is a great sport, safe and fun. The format addresses the most common three ranges of fighting: kicking (long range), punching (mid range) and stand up grappling (close range), which adds to great realism to the sport. Having said that, forcing the opponent off the platform ("Lei Tai") is also a major strategy and technique of San Shou and part of the fun.

The strategies of San Shou are very different to conventional kick boxing, more exciting, varied and fun. Come along and see for yourself!


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  •   WEDNESDAY 8.45pm
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