London Wing Chun Academy: What Makes us Different

The London Wing Chun Academy for Martial Arts & Fitness Classes in London.

The London Wing Chun Academy adopts traditional martial arts values of discipline, dignity, and integrity. However, we are a Wing Chun school in every sense of the word. Not only is our academy a professional martial arts gym, we are one of few martial arts schools in London that offer a dedicated beginners programes in Wing Chun, San Da Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in addition to a well structured Strength, Fitness & Conditioning programme

With 30 years of experience behind us we have devised a unique approach that organises our students in a clear structured manner to easily learn a self defence or martial art. Not only do we provide professional martial arts instruction, but we also have great facilities in which to practice self defence in London and develop your fitness.

The London Wing Chun Academy

Our classes are geared to provide you with enough personal attention so that you learn quickly and effectively how to defend yourself. In fact, our gym is open every evening between 5.30pm and 10.30pm (as well as the weekend) so there's plenty of time to practice what you've learnt in the class. 

We actively encourage our students to practice what they've learnt on our Wooden Dummies or other equipment that we provide. There are very few martial arts schools in London in which you can truly train in this manner. In this sense the London Wing Chun Academy offers traditional martial arts training like those that practiced martial arts centuries ago.

The London Wing Chun Academy

Of course, our teaching methods are of the highest professional quality as all our Instructors are experienced, skilled and passionate about Wing Chun and even other martial arts such as San Shou Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Strength, Fitness, and Conditioning training. This is reflected in our professional approach to teaching in which we combine modern sports fitness training with a traditional martial arts approach for a unique self defence programme. 

The London Wing Chun Academy is a special place to train. The mix of 30 years of professional experience, great facilities, and teaching approach makes us a great place to train martial arts in London. Come see for yourself. 

The London Wing Chun Academy



The London Wing Chun Academy is a martial arts and functional fitness gym based in North London. Open 7 days a week with gym and functional fitness equipment. Our gym provides group fitness and martial arts classes in Wing ChunSan Shou KickboxingBrazilian Jiu JitsuWC4 Self DefenceYogaFunctional Fitness, and non contact Fitness kick BoxingMembership starts from £25 per month. Visit our gym today for a taster class. Get Started Now >>