Guidelines for Children's Classes

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 The London Wing Chun Academy - Kids Classes

Please see below a general list of rules and practical safety guidelines for appropriate behaviour within the London Wing Chun Academy. We ask parents to read through and where necessary explain appropriate guidelines for behaviour to their children:

  • Hands and feet must be clean and finger and toenails must be kept short. 
  • All jewellery (not limited to but including earrings) must be removed or covered with tape before training. (The gym is not responsible for items of jewellery, clothing or valuables).
  • Any injury incurred during martial arts training must be reported to the Instructor at the time of occurrence. The event will be recorded in an accident/incident logbook, which you will be required to sign to acknowledge the event.
  • The parents of a student(s) will be responsible for getting that child/children dressed before and after a class.
  • Children must be able to take themselves to the toilet unsupervised.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the class, gym, or building without first obtaining permission from the instructor.
  • Student uniforms (GI) must be kept clean and in good condition.
  • Students must not swear, chew, spit or commit any other act likely to offend the etiquette of the Wing Chun Kwoon (Dojo), members, staff or public.
  • Students must not use their Skills in any offensive way outside the Kwoon (Dojo). Skills taught within the Wing Chun gym are only to be used within the kwoon (Dojo), unless to protect oneself or family & friends in extreme circumstances. 
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