Belts and Progression

Children's Martial Arts Classes London

Lil’ Dragons

Considering the young age of this cohort, we believe that rank advancements should be based on attendance. Hence, all students will receive a certificate of completion of each training phase and the appropriate new rank. We wish to develop ‘Goal Setting’ behaviour from an early stage. Hence, a Patch Program will accompany rank promotions, in order to develop additional early life, safety and Martial Arts skills. The patch program is an important teaching component since it takes approximately three (3) months to graduate from one belt to another. Further information is available on request.


The London Wing Chun Academy Juniors

Promotion within the London Wing Chun Academy Juniors club is based on an assessment of a number of differing qualities. We are not interested solely in their Martial Arts ability, but whether they demonstrate the interpersonal skills that accompany the responsibility of holding that specific rank.

With that in mind, at the Intermediate level (Orange to Green Belt) all students are expected to be able to show self-discipline in honouring their parents, themselves and each other. To graduate through each belt, students are expected to be active members of their social group, helping support their parents and school. We actively encourage positive feedback from their parents and academic teachers. We hope that this would encourage good behaviour both in and out of our school. Indeed, in order to master a martial art, one must truly master oneself.


The London Wing Chun Academy Teenage club

Teenage students are graded and promoted to the same standards as adult students with in the school. Note, that the emphasis on their promotion is primarily based on their Martial Arts ability and attitude. Please contact us for additional information on this subject.



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