How to Knock Someone Out with One Punch

how to knock someone out with one punch | Self Defence London

Should you punch someone in self defence? The natural answer for many people is yes, However, what if we told you that this is not necessarily the safest or the best thing to do in a street fight. There is a risk that you could cripple your hand or even damage your knuckles on the teeth of your attacker. So our video shows an alternative way to knock someone out with one strike.  

Wing Chun is a practical open handed martial art that that is perfect for self defence. As a multi strike style of fighting there is little risk of seriously damaging your hands in a fight. Wing Chun has a range of knife hand and palm strikes that are very effective while providing enough protection for your hands. In fact, these techniques are great for small framed people. In this week’s video we discuss some simple ideas of how to fight and knock someone out with one punch.


Don’t Punch to the Jaw, Strike the Neck

Most fighters will say that you should always punch as hard as you can at someone’s jaw, but what happens if your attacker drops their head when you punch? Most people tend to drop their heads in instinct or simple self defence survival when they throw a punch in a fight.

Of course, this leads to a greater risk of hitting the top of their skull and crippling your hands. For this reason, we demonstrate a simple method of open hand Wing Chun strikes that will quickly and easily incapacitate someone. Our belief is that you should limit the use of your fist, unless you have well conditioned hands, or you aim for soft targets such as the side of the neck.

So in part one of our Self Defence video we look at where you actually strike for a knockout punch. The second half describes why hitting the side of the neck works my work so effectively, what we describe as the science behind strike. Basically, how to knock someone out with one punch. Finally, we examine three ways in which this strike should be used in a street fight.

Warning: Do Not Practice this Technique without Proper Supervision. It is extremely dangerous.



If you would like to learn how to knock someone out with one punch. We advise that you should not punch to your attacker’s jaw in a street fight or self defence situation. You may knock them out with one punch, but you are also likely to cripple your hands or worst if you punch the person in the mouth. 



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