How to Defend Yourself Against a 2 on 1 Sucker Punch Attack

How to Defend Yourself

How to defend yourself is hard enough, but made worst when you have two people confronting you in a street fight. Often you may be distracted by one attacker, while the other person throws a punch from nowhere. So this week we look at the best way to defend yourself when you have been sucker punched from the blind side.


2 on 1 SURVIVAL GUIDE Defending the SUCKER PUNCH in a Street Fight

How to fight well takes intelligence and an effective strategy.  Against two attackers and a brutal sucker punch the best self defence strategy for a real fight relies on a few key skills. Key to defending yourself is your ability to move well, using effective footwork to put one of your attackers in front of the other.

If one person steps towards you then you should move off to the side to avoid that person. More importantly take care to look at his friend who is also moving towards you. In the first section of the video we look how and where to stand to defend yourself against to attackers. The position is key for your own self defence.


What Happens if One of Your Attackers Punches You?

Well things can go wrong in a fight. Worst of all one of the guys facing you can throw a punch. How you defend yourself depends on which one throws the first punch. You will see from the video that we discuss two variations of defence against the sucker punch. Each depends on whether the guy in your face or your second attacker punches first. We discuss both variations in this week’s video giving you what we consider the most effective strategy for each situation.


Key Points to Note

The advice in this video draws upon ideas previously shared in our other videos. So far we have looked at 3 things that you must do to face fear & intimidation in a fight in which we looked at moving to the off side of the person that is threatening you. Then we discussed how best way to knock someone out with one punch. The main point here was where you hit the person in order for them to pass out.

The second to last video in the series titled ‘Surprise, Punch, & Drop Someone Instantly’ looked at how to deliver the punch without the person seeing it. In other words surprising them with a distraction then punching hard to the solar plexus.

Our final video in the series looked at what to do when the guy got too close to you and grabs and headbutts you in a fight. In this video we discussed the idea that the person was essentially trapping their own arm, and this allowed you to take advantage with strikes to the neck.

Please feel free to watch them to see how all of this information links together for a complete self defence strategy.


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