Focus Pad Training for Fitness & Self Defence

Fitness and Martial Arts Training in London. The London Wing Chun Academy.

Training your martial arts skills on focus pads offers a realistic form of target practice for martial arts, self defence, or even fitness training. Hitting boxing focus pads and heavy bags offers not only a great martial arts workout that improves your fitness, but also develops co ordination, timing, and long distance power for martial arts students, boxers, kickboxers, and mixed martial arts fighters.

5 Reasons for using pads in martial arts training:

  • To present realistic targets and focus for your Wing Chun
  • Develops Cardiovascular fitness and capability for Self Defence
  • Improves Wing Chun hand speed and body posture
  • Develops intuition, timing, and rhythm changes for Martial Arts 
  • And for the pad holder it develops the ability to perceive strikes

Punching pads is practical because it gives you the ability to hit hard in combinations with some realistic feedback from the target. It's the next best thing to sparring training in Martial arts, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and it doesn't involve being hit during the process. Training or boxing on focus mits will improve your fitness, co-ordination, as well as conditioining of your body. It toughens the hands, while working the core in a whole body workout.

Martial arts and boxing training relies on the development of movement and distance judgement. The London Wing Chun Academy has a unique Focus pad and fitness training program designed to simulate the freedom of movement and the behaviour of a live but athletic attacker for self defence and even to improve your fitness. We teach the following tactics to improve your fitness, martial arts skills, and your ability to actually hit a realistic moving target. We focus on two key roles of this important martial arts skill: 

1) The Wing Chun boxer will learn the correct development of power, punching acceleration, as well as striking in combinations. This is essential for all forms of self defence and martial arts fitness training. This will also improve your fitness and stamina making you more street ready.

2) The pad holder will learn how to judge distance, ride punches, present realistic movement and set ups. This will also teach you the mechanics of punching and kicking in various combinations with power.

Pad work is intergrated into our Wing Chun classes at the London Wing Chun Academy. However we do have specialised fitness and conditioning classes at our gym which integrates focus pad training with kettle bell and powerbag workouts. There are huge benefits of training this way, that you'll never get from a workout in a gym. You'll get fight ready fitness training from our seasoned coaches. Come see for yourself, join today.

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