DEADLY Invisible Fists in MMA

DEADLY Invisible Fists in MMA

How is it that sometimes you don’t see a punch coming? Or that when you do, you can’t move out of the way in time?

This is the Invisible Fist Striking Technique

It is what separates amateur fighters from elite professionals; fighters like Anderson Silva and Conor McGregor, who are known to use it to devastating effect. We’re going to discuss exactly how it is that these fighters are able to effortlessly land devastating punches, and how you can develop this skill in your own martial arts training.



So, what is the secret to the invisible fist?

“Precision beats power, and timing beats speed”

This quote is really the golden key to understanding invisible strikes. Breaking down the statement, it means that with timing and precision you can win fights using less energy and fewer strikes than your opponent. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


In short, timing is when to hit and precision is where to hit.

Taking this concept further, a key signature of masterful fighters such as Silva and McGregor is that they get their opponents to walk into punches. It seems to happen all in a split second, seamlessly. Make sure you watch our video to see this in action!

Unlike learning physical skills like how to punch or kick, this perfect timing is a quality that only comes with experience. It is the fine-tuning of intuition and the ability to predict where the person will move.

This is why perfectly-timed strikes are nearly impossible to avoid, even if you see them coming.

Watch our video for our advice on how to develop this skill in your own martial arts training.



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