Occupy and dominate the centre ground.


The Wing Chun fighting system is based on the emphasizes that attack and defence should be along an imaginary line drawn along the centre of the human body. This line joins the eyes, nose, throat, navel, knees, and groin as a central focus of attack. Many consider that the human body's prime striking targets are on or near this line (108 vital points on the human body can be easily targeted by striking one point). However, striking the centre of the body allows for the complete absorption of a Wing Chun (or other martial arts) strike and therefore causes more damage to the body.

Blows that strike to the side of a body (off-centre) will be deflected, allowing the recipient's body to turn, and naturally deflect some of the force. When combining striking the centre of the body with the explosive energy (Fa Geung) developed in the 1st form (Sui Nim Tao) a devastating combination is achieved that literally shocks the human body. This effect occurs because the human is complied of mostly fluid, therefore striking a person on the centre of the body will draw a diaphragm which makes it very difficult for a person to breath. The effect is the same if you suddenly hit a bucket of water with a hammer; the shock creates a ripple effect that disables the human body, more particularly when applied to the solar plexus.

Therefore the primary weapon for a Wing Chun fighter is the Centre Line Punch. Not simply because it has the maximum effect on the centre of the human body, but because the fastest path between two points is a straight line.

This emphasis on the human centreline guides the way a Wing Chun practitioner will react to an attack. Hence, a good Wing Chun fighter will always strive to protect his centreline, whilst persistently attacking his opponent's centre ground. Although, footwork is vital for a Wing Chun fighter, it allows the practitioner to move their centreline away from a dangerous attack in order to position the hands and legs to strike, attack or invade an aggressors centreline.