Is Group Fitness Training Better than the Gym?

Fitness training in a group is very different from training on your own in a gym because you are motivated by the group of people you’re training with. When you go to a gym, you have to be self motivated unless you have a gym partner, someone who is going to spot or shout at you, and encourage you when your training gets hard.

The psychology is very different when training on your own in the gym, as your mind can only go so far, but if you train with a group of people you can dramatically improve your fitness workout and output. Put simply peer pressure can enhance athletic motivation and performance. Imagine the thrill of hitting a punch bag for 30 seconds, then swinging a kettle bell, followed by a round on a battle rope. What drives you is the group atmosphere and being part of a team. This is a very different experience to a typical gym. This is why we boldly claim that ‘you won’t be on your own winging it as in a typical gym’. Every member of the group will be your personal trainer.    

Group Fitness Training and Functional Fitness Gym North London.

Our FitLab Functional Fitness and StrikeLab Kick Boxing Fitness classes are designed to improve not only your fitness and conditioning but your fighting edge. Just like going to the gym, these group fitness classes will get you in shape, but you will be functionally fit as well.  A typical class is 45 minute long and focused on multi plane movement patterns. In FitLab, we use Olympic Weights, Kettle Bells, Sand bags, Medicine Balls, Battle Ropes, and Suspension training in one dynamic combination to hit your cardio and strengthen multi plane and multi joint action. So this fitness class is devised around firstly building strength and conditioning then cardio vascular fitness to recruit different muscle groups to generate power.

StrikeLab Kick Boxing fitness classes focus on mixing functional striking with functional fitness. After punching in self defence requires that you generate as much power from as many different muscle groups as possible. Our athletes train the same as any professional boxer or mixed martial artist. They do rounds on the focus and Thai pads, interval training, sprints, stair sprints, stair sprints with power bags and various other exercises to replicate the intensity of combat. You can take regular breaks, sit out or miss certain intervals and jump back in; the most important thing is you phase in slowly while we increase your fitness level.

Boxing and Kickboxing Fitness Training North London Gym.

Each of our group fitness classes are designed to be different to avoid the mundane routine of training in the gym, but also to stimulate the body and your mind. This makes each class a unique experience. There will be different routines on different days formulated by different coaches with a specific specialism. If you wish to start our group fitness classes, then our advice would be to decide on whether you wish to work boxing fitness or strength and functional fitness then simply pop along to try a class out with us. So start a class, take regular breaks if you need to, don’t feel the pressure to follow everybody but certainly warm into it and push yourself.

We think group fitness training is better than the gym. The advantage of training physically is that you to never give up, and this will give you confidence to defend yourself. One thing that’s going to make a difference for self defence is not how much you can bench press in the gym but how functionally fit you. If you are tired of the mundane routine of the gym and want to get some functional fitness and basic boxing and kickboxing skills. Try our group fitness classes today for only £25 a month.




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