1 KEY Self-Defence Technique Everyone MUST Know! How to Stand Up & Fight In A Street Fight

KEY Self Defence Techniques: How To Stand Up and Fight in a Street Fight

How To Stand Up In A Street Fight

It may seem all too obvious, but one MAJOR MISTAKE most people make in a fight is failing to stand up properly. This is where a fight will go from bad to worse, but is easily avoided by following these easy steps. Read on and check out the video to find out.

As you can see from the video, getting knocked down in a fight is a situation to be avoided. On the ground, a fighter is vulnerable to heavy punches and kicks; particularly to the face and head. Not good! At this stage is where many people end up getting knocked unconscious. What you want to do in this situation is to get up off the floor as soon as possible.

Of course, most people attempt to do this. It’s just common sense. However, what often goes wrong and leads to them getting knocked out is that they forget to protect themselves as they get up. The remedy to this is what’s referred to in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as “standing in base” or a “technical stand-up”.

Watch the video and keep reading below to find out how to save yourself when knocked down in a fight.

Step 1

From sitting, get an arm and leg up in front of you to create a shield for your head and body. This is on one side of your body. On the other side, use your arm and leg to post with.

Step 2

Next, you need to find the opportunity to get up. If your assailant is too close, it won’t work so create space with kicks to their legs and knees; even up-kicks to their face if they are stooping down towards you. Look for the right opportunity to get up.

Step 3

Stand-in-base: Raise your hips off the ground and bring your leg behind your hand on the ground. Maintain a straight line through your back as you get up to ensure correct posture, and keep your head guarded with your hands.

This is a simple and practical method that will help you to defend yourself against attacks and regain a position where you can fight back. On paper this may seem like common sense, but on video it’s clear how often these key ideas are forgotten. Avoid this critical mistake by drilling the technical stand-up in your own self-defence training, if you don’t already.


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