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Punching in Self Defence: How to form a fist

Correct fist formation is essential for self defence in any martial art. After all, if you cannot form a proper fist you will have a less effective weapon to defend yourself with. Correct formation of your fist will develop the muscularity and strength of your forearms, which not only improves Lap Sao in Wing Chun, but also makes your punch heavier on impact.


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Focus Pad Training for Fitness & Self Defence

Training your martial arts skills on focus pads offers a realistic form of target practice for martial arts, self defence, or even fitness training. Hitting the pads and heavy bags offers not only a great martial arts workout that improves your fitness, but also develops co ordination, timing, and long distance power for martial arts students.


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Is Speed Important in Wing Chun?

In Wing Chun physical speed of movement is emphasised in order to develop power. The simple analogy being that a dead weight travelling at high speed will cause a tremendous amount of damage on impact. Bare in mind that Wing Chun is a traditional bare fist style of Chinese martial arts.


Training on the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

The Wooden Dummy form in Wing Chun is simply an extension of the empty hand forms of the Wing Chun system. It relates more so to the concepts of the Siu Nim Tao (1st form) and Chum Kiu (2nd form). In this sense, you could consider training on the Wooden Dummy as an alternative method of developing the physical attributes of the Wing Chun forms.


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Wu Sao in Wing Chun

In Wing Chun, Wu Sao is the rear protective hand within the self defence position or fighting stance of this martial art. In essence, it is the defensive hand of Wing Chun within the structure of Man Sao. Wu Sao could be considered a Wing Chun guard hand. In this context, its function is versatile as it can be moved to protect the face and cover the lower part of the chest, sternum.


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